Experiencing The Plains Of Sioux Falls, South Dakota With Club Resort Intervals

Club Resort Intervals invites you to South Dakota.

Enjoy music, dancing, and other nightlife in South Dakota.

Beautiful and elegant cathedrals, exotic falls, and art to appease all the senses; they are just a few of the main attractions that Sioux Falls, South Dakota has to offer. Vacations are meant to be a time of peace and rest, which is what Club Resort Intervals is sure you will receive as soon as your feet hit the soil of Sioux Falls. As the largest city in South Dakota, this city has more to offer than most places throughout the US.

Ever wondered what it’s like to party in a bar? Well, look no farther than the Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse. You’re going to get your favorite country, rock, and top forty hits while choosing between slot machines, pool, darts, contest and prizes and a large dance floor.

After slipping your dancing shoes off, Club Resort Intervals highly recommends heading on to the Wild Water West’s Commando Paintball arena. At a scary affordable price of ten dollars, you can experience paintball at a whole new level. The WWW or Wild Water West provides all equipment, a spectator area, and a safety certified field to make this sport even more fun while putting safety first.

To bring you down from the day of paintball combat you can chill out and relax at Creative Spirits. This fun and hip place is sure to calm you down and bring you an adventure you have never had; bring a bottle of your favorite wine and learn how to express yourself through art. Some of the cities’ most talented artists will guide you through creating incredible art pieces all while you sip on your favorite glass of wine. Now if that is not a vacation,Club Resort Intervals does not know what is.

Experiencing St. Petersburg Florida With Club Resort Intervals

Club Resort Intervals love to go on a cruise.

Club Resort Intervals love to go on a cruise.

Known best for its amazing white beaches, Club Resort Intervals believes that St. Petersburg is one of the best places to enjoy a casual drive or stroll around its coastline. This area is a perfect way to spend either a fun day with the kids, or a date night with your spouse.

The coastal drive offers convenience and luxury with one of Florida’s best beaches to your one side and all of the restaurants, shopping and nightlife you could want to the other. After taking cruise, Club Resort Intervals encourages you to pick a spot and hunker down in the sand for an afternoon of people watching, and fun. If you want something a little more adventures try renting a Segway from one of the many shops, which also come with guided tour.

While in St. Petersburg be certain to visit The Dali Museum. This brand new state of the art museum is dedicated to the artist Salvador Dali, and with good reason. Contained within is the largest collection of surreal Dali paintings in America, and the new building design is inspired by his art creating a one of a kind building that is an entire art installation in itself, with is glass domes and spiral staircases mimicking the artist’s work. If Dali is not your style be, Club Resort Intervals instead suggests that you check out the traveling gallery’s dedicated to current and modern artists from around the world. With all the art in this amazing place be certain to visit the-Hologram Portrait of Alice Cooper’s brain for an extra dose of the surreal.

Club Resort Intervals Suggests A Trip To Yosemite National Park This Summer

Club Resort Intervals invites travelers to Yosemite National Park

There are so many amazing destinations to try this fall, make sure that you use a great one like Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite National Park, spans the eastern side of Tuolumne, Mariposa and Madera in California and designated a World Heritage site the park covers 747,956 acres of which 95% is wilderness is a beauty for all. Club Resort Intervals travelers adore the spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, streams, and giant sequoia groves.  With diverse vegetation zones of montane forest, alpine and oak woodland the area is home to 7,000 plant species.

The most popular location is the Yosemite Valley, which is seven square miles surrounded by granite summits, such as the High Dome and El Captain, a pine forest. Yosemite is a haven for hikers with 800 miles of trails, either easy strolls or grueling hikes with the option for multiple-day backpack trips. Alternatively, there are roads for vehicles and bicycles to enable exploration and enjoy the stunning scenery. Bicycles can be ridden on 12 miles of off-road paved trails but mountain biking is not allowed.  There are also horseback riding excursions ranging from two to four hours or all day rides with campgrounds accommodating horse-trailers and staging areas for horses. Choose from 1500 campgrounds with day use or overnight campsites or book several to travel through Yosemite.

The other activities are rock climbing during the snow free months and group classes are offered and in the winter, skiing is popular suggest the members of Club Resort Intervals. The downhill skiing course at Badger Pass Ski Area is the oldest in California.Other winter activities include the choice of three ice-skating venues, snowshoeing and over 90 miles of marked trails or 25 miles of machine-groomed track for cross-country skiing.

For a more leisurely pursuit try one of the many golf courses in the region with the Sierra Nevada and Yosemite Mountains as a wonderful backdrop remind the members of Club Resort Intervals.

3 Great Travel Destinations Abroad Shared by Club Resort Intervals

Club Resort Intervals knows that each and every year travelers have a number of beautiful destinations to try when they are traveling. With the world full of amazing spots, it can be hard for travelers to find the perfect spot to see when they go on vacation. Here are three of the best spots for travelers to enjoy when they go abroad this year.

Amazing Travel Tips for Visiting Arizona from Club Resort Intervals

Club Resort Intervals knows that when considering travel to Arizona most people think that it is nothing but a hot desert with tumbleweeds blowing around. You can only appreciate it when you travel there and see all of the breathtaking scenes. The skies seem to go forever as you look up at the clouds. Arizona is a prime location for any amateur photographers. You will never run out of things to snap shots of!

Knowing what time of year is best for you and your family is essential when traveling to Arizona. The tourism season is at its high point in October till around the middle of May, from January to April you can expect to pay some of the highest rates for hotels. Occasionally, monsoons are known to occur on late August or September. Some of the best times to visit Arizona are spring and autumn. The temperatures are cool and relatively comfortable.

Picking the perfect time to visit has its perks. In addition to hitting the great weather, Club Resort Intervals says that you will find that it is less crowded in top attractions and activities. One must visit spot is the Grand Canyon, which is the most famous spot in the state. The reservation lands of the Navajo Nation are also very pleasant, and it can be a lot of fun to go looking through their many arts & crafts.

When visiting Arizona, keep some of these tips in mind.  When hiking unfamiliar paths, a guided tour can be of great help. Please remember to pack for the weather at the time of year you decide to go. As always when traveling is to use your head, ask for help, research your location before visiting and use a GPS if possible. Finally, do not be scared to walk or bike around. You will be surprised at all you could have missed out on in a vehicle!

Club Resort Intervals Offers Suggestions for Planning Surprise Vacations for Friends

Club Resort Intervals knows that friends are always a very special part of everyone’s life. Whenever two friends sit together, they start remembering their pasts and relive the moments that they have experienced together. When you are thinking about traveling, having the option of planning a vacation with your old friends to celebrate a reunion is a great idea, or maybe you can surprise them by inviting them along on a dream vacation to an exciting destination.

If you are planning on taking someone on a surprise vacation, try getting one of your other friends in confidence and discussing the entire plan with him or her. Make sure that you swear them to secrecy so that they do not blab to other friends.

If you want to make sure that the friend you are inviting is free, try just keeping the location secret. You can even lead them off the scent by telling them the name of a different destination. Just tell the friend that you are inviting along that to their necessities and let them know how long the trip will be. If there are items that they will need but will give too much about the destination away, try getting these items yourself.

Just make sure that wherever you are taking your friend, you have all of your bases covered. If they need to make arrangements with work or family, give them the time to do so. Make sure that there is a budget in place and that the destination is somewhere you know they will enjoy. If you plan everything carefully, Club Resort Intervals knows that you will be able to have the perfect surprise trip.

Best Entertainment for a Plane Ride from Club Resort Intervals

If you are getting ready for a vacation, Club Resort Intervals knows that you will likely be getting to your destination on a plane. Depending on where you are going, the time that you spend on the plane may actually be quite long, and while you can always nap, you should use the time that you have to enjoy participating in some fun activities instead. To make sure that you make the most of air time, Club Resort Intervals suggests that you have some of the following items when you get on a plane.

  • E-reader: While there is no doubt that good old fashion books are still wonderful for reading, a Kindle or other E-reader is great for plane travel. You can bring along a number of books, magazines and other reading materials all in one electronic device. This is the perfect choice if you read fast, want a variety of options to choose from, or just do not have the room to bring your desired reading material in their hard forms.
  • Games: In the digital age, these are mostly on your phones and other electronic devices, and they at great for when you travel. You should download some fun games before you fly that do not need the internet to work. These will keep you busy while you are waiting to land and begin your vacation.
  • Podcasts: Podcasts are great for planes because you can often download many at once and they are usually free. Also, they come in a variety of topics, so you can listen to discussions and tips on everything from your favorite TV series to a hobby that you are interested in Podcasts are great entertainment and you will likely learn something during your time in the clouds as well.

Visit Chicago with Club Resort Intervals



Visit Chicago with Club Resort Intervals

Chicago is a beautiful destination to visit with Club Resort Intervals.

Club Resort Intervals shares that there is a number of great places to travel to this summer. One of the best cities that has a wide variety of attractions, features, and events is  Chicago, Illinois. When guests travel to Chicago, they should be sure to go to the top of the Willis Tour. Here, they can take an audio tour of all the sites that they can see while staring at the skyline. Another great attraction include is the Shedd Aquarium. Additionally, enjoying a Cubs game at the famous baseball stadium, Wrigley Field is something that all travelers will remember fondly.

Club Resort Intervals Invites Travelers to See the World’s most Amazing Beaches

Club Resort Intervals knows that for all of those out there who think of the beach first when they think of summer, there are options that can fit the wishes of just about any traveler. Many people want to relax on the sand and enjoy the ocean calling their name. However, for those who want something a little unique in their vacation travels this summer, Club Resort Intervals invites you to experience the following beaches.

  • Driftwood Beach: This beach in Georgia is one that is sure to interest many travelers. The sand is sprinkled with several driftwood trees that form natural sculptures along the coastline. It will give you a unique beach experience, and will be the perfect spot for walking around and taking pictures.
  • Liaoe Delta: Located in China, this beach is one that will create quite the memory. In this area, the red seaweed has made the surrounding area turn a shade of deep red. It creates a beautiful effect that is sure to draw in many who appreciate the natural beauty. Additionally, there are many amazing birds that can be spotted in the area to see and enjoy.
  • Hidden Beach: Those who are traveling to Mexico should find their way to this spot. The beach has its cave that travelers can swim through, giving a sense of adventure and mystery to their trip. Snorkeling is also a great activity to try in this spot.

Club Resort Intervals Advice for Honeymooners

Club Resort Intervals knows that honeymoons are some of the most important trips that people can take. For many, they are the first chance that new couples get to spend quality time together as a married pair. For others, there is the added enjoyment of getting a chance to relax after spending months preparing for a wedding. Club Resort Intervals knows that all these traits and more make these trips ones that should be perfect. They offer these tips to make sure that all honeymoons are perfect.

  • Book under your unmarried name: Though couples want to book all their accommodations under their newly married names, it is better to book under their unmarried names. Since passports and other documentation will have the unmarried names on them, it is less confusing to have all the names match up. Taking this step will make the travel process easier.
  • Get your passport early: If you are planning on going out of the country for you honeymoon, do not wait until the last minute to get your passport. Giving it extra time to get to you will make sure that you have no problem getting onto your plane and getting to your destination.
  • Plan reasonable activities: Honeymoons are a chance to relax and spend time with your new spouse. While your destination is bound to have many great spots to visit and activities to participate in, you do not want to try to do too much at once. Plan a reasonable number of activities so that you can enjoy each one to the fullest and have time to catch your breath in between.